TEDxSBU 2014 ''Connect the Dots'' Itinerary

Registration opened at 9:00 AM in the Wang Center on November 14th, 2014.

The day’s events were split into two separate sessions. You were able to purchase tickets for one or both sessions.


Opening Remarks Jennifer Adams and Nancy Franklin 10 AM
Thomas C. Wilson Jr. For the Record – the Importance of Taking, Sustaining, and Preserving Critical Measures of Environment and Climate
Charles Robbins Social Justice – Is it Still Relevant in the 21st Century?
Jeanette Ol Suk Yew Challenging + Relevant; Reimagining Antigone
Pooja Reddy Connecting the Dots… and being that dot for someone!
TED Video Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud
Morgan DiCarlo Using Mentorship and Hands-On Learning to Build the Next Generation of Female Engineers
Michael Poon Application of advanced cardiovascular imaging and telemedicine for improving the overall outcome and cost-effectiveness of the management of acute chest pain in the region
Anurag Purwar Machine design innovation through technology and education
TED Video Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity


Second Opening Remarks Jennifer Adams and Nancy Franklin 3:00 PM
Nadia Jaber Rethinking the PhD
Joe Schultz The Sounds of the Didgeridoo, The World’s Oldest Wind Instrument
Erik Callender Follow Your Dreams
Margaret Conover A Cure For Plant Blindness
TED Video Marcel Dicke: Why Not Eat Insects?
Robyn Stein DeLuca The Good News About PMS
Dean Miller You Don’t Want To Hear It (And That’s A Problem)
Turhan Canli Is Depression An Infectious Disease?
TED Video ED Gavagan: A Story About Knots And Surgeons
Sam Parnia Erasing Death
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